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Legal Kitz Commercial Lawyers in Melbourne combine highly skilled professionals with cost-effective and efficient services to deliver top-quality services across employment, corporate, technology and intellectual property law. Whether you need assistance with litigation or advice for business law in Melbourne, trust Legal Kitz to guide you every step of the way and as your preferred law firm in Melbourne city.


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Melbourne law firm services

Whether you are a large company or a small start-up, we can work with you to provide specialist commercial legal services and advice across a diverse range of industries and legal practice areas to suit your needs.

  • Entering into business arrangements or other complex contracts
  • Compliance with your business’ employment law obligations
  • Ensuring your business is compliant with corporate and commercial regulations
  • Debt recovery
  • Commercial disputes and litigation
  • Setting up a new business

Why Legal Kitz Business Lawyers in Melbourne?

At Legal Kitz, we pride ourselves on offering our clients specialist commercial legal services to businesses across all industries. Whether you are a large company or a small family-owned business, our lawyers in Melbourne utilise cost-effective and streamlined legal solutions to navigate the murky waters of legal disputes. It is paramount at Legal Kitz to uphold your business’ interests and capitalise on opportunities at the most cost-effective rate compared to other law firms in Melbourne City. We value being transparent about our fees and can arrange hourly and flat-fee arrangements to suit your personal needs.

Legal Kitz is committed to providing all its clients with effective legal services that are supportive and informative from the beginning to the end. If you need assistance with a workplace dispute, our employment lawyers in Melbourne are here to help. Alternatively, if you need help reviewing or drafting an agreement, our commercial and corporate lawyers are here to guide you.

Legal Kitz’ Victoria lawyers cover a diverse range of practice areas including corporate, commercial, employment, technology law and intellectual property, ensuring that you can receive legally and commercially considered advice as we believe in delivering holistic solutions. Getting in touch with us is simple and convenient as Legal Kitz embraces the utilisation of technology and can assist you with your matter in a remote capacity. 

At Legal Kitz, we aim to be your legal companion and the most trusted lawyers Melbourne has to offer. If you are looking to engage the right law firm in Melbourne city to prioritise your needs, speak with the friendly and supportive team at Legal Kitz today for a free consultation and be on your journey to achieve your legal goals.

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Effective solutions

As commercial lawyers, we understand our clients require solutions, not red tape. We will work with you to ensure your rights are protected and potential opportunities are leveraged to empower your business now and into the future.

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We understand cost is a huge factor when choosing a legal partner. That’s why we are very transparent with our fee structure so you will have clarity from the outset. With Legal Kitz, you’ll always be clear on cost and our legal strategy.

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Trusted experts

Even though we might do things differently to other firms, we are still dedicated to providing you with top-quality legal advice and assistance. Our team is made up of an exceptional group of commercial lawyers with experience in everything from the most straightforward agreement to the most complex advice.

Commercial Lawyers Melbourne FAQs

What is a commercial lawyer called?

Commercial lawyers are also known as business lawyers. Therefore, commercial lawyers study areas specific to supporting both large and small businesses with their legal matters. Commercial lawyers do not provide advice on family or criminal law matters. A commercial lawyer must have studied at a professional and reputable law institute such as universities located in Vic, before engaging with a client, drafting agreements or appearing in front of the court.

What does a commercial lawyer do?

Commercial lawyers specialise in areas of law that a large or small business is likely to require assistance with. Business lawyers utilise their extensive experience to provide a wide range of legal services including dispute resolution, commercial litigation and expert advice. Commercial lawyers can often specialise in specific areas and provide legal advice for commercial matters such as trade mark law.

Commercial lawyers often focus their expertise on drafting contracts or agreements, as both large and small businesses in Australia struggle with ensuring their human resource agreements satisfy all legal compliance requirements set out by Australia’s Fair Work Commission. As a result, business owners engage the service of business lawyers for commercial litigation and advice, in the instances that a previous employee, client, or contractor takes them or their business to court.

What is the difference between corporate and commercial law?

It is essential for a large or small business to identify its legal needs prior to engaging a lawyer for professional advice. Commercial or business law and the number of law firms providing excellent service to businesses in this area specialise in matters arising from transactions, generally financial agreements, between clients, management, employees and the business’ owners.

Corporate lawyers can provide a legal service acknowledged by their law institute that specifically pertains to corporations. Thus, clients will only engage in advice if their business is currently in a stage of the corporation process and require assistance with the procedures and agreements specifically related to the structure of a corporation, governed by the Corporation Act 2001 (Cth).

How much do commercial lawyers cost in Melbourne?

Our business lawyers in Melbourne are approachable, offering years of experience for clients and their large or small businesses. With a focus on a number of areas of business law including commercial law, dispute resolution, and contract negotiations and drafting, Legal Kitz lawyers Melbourne and Vic can offer professional legal advice stemming from their expertise to assist their clients and any subsequent large or small business in a number of complex areas of the law.

To determine the exact cost of the fees a business or client may incur, Our team encourages you to make an enquiry by visiting the contact us section on the website. Alternatively, you can contact the Legal Kitz team for advice via phone on 1300 988 954, or click the Free call button on the website, and a member of the professional team can provide you with expertise tailored to your matter.

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