Employment lawyers and industrial relations

Employment Lawyers, Workplace & Industrial Relations Law

One of the most critical aspects of a business is its employees. From hiring staff to defending a wrongful termination claim, our employment lawyers have experience advising on all areas of employment law.

Our employment lawyers work with a wide range of businesses from small start-ups to large multinational companies to ensure they are compliant with the ever-changing requirements of employment law. 

We are also well-versed in advising in the areas of industrial and workplace relations and work with our clients to manage the process of collective bargaining and provide strategic advice when industrial issues arise.

Employment and industrial relations law services

Employee management

  • Advising on employee termination
  • Terms and Conditions for systems use
  • Business policies and procedures
  • Advising on employee vs contractor engagements

Employment agreements

  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Advising on the protection of intellectual property
  • Advising on restraint of trade clauses
  • Advising on employee rights, unfair dismissal and confidentiality agreements

Employment disputes

  • Advising on employee disputes
  • Providing representation for cases of unfair dismissal, redundancy and general protection
  • Advising on discrimination and harassment issues
  • Contractor disputes
  • WorkCover matters

Industrial and workplace law

  • Drafting and negotiating the resolution of industrial disputes
  • Drafting and negotiating Enterprise Agreements
  • Risk management of workplace hazards

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I have been working with these guys for years now. With lots of hard work and timely communication, they made sure they delivered the best to me. Highly recommended.

Chelsea Baker

Flexi Flow

We are so relieved as our business is now confident we have every employment agreement and document in place that we need to manage our large team of employees.

Jason Ryan

JJ Ryan Consulting

We had some gaps in our legals and we were confused with what was and wasn’t a priority. Before finding Legal Kitz and Business Kitz we were having issues finding access to quality, thorough and easy to navigate legal advice that was also affordable for a start up/small business budget. Legal Kitz provided fantastic and easy to understand legal support for our business. Both teams have been incredibly helpful and friendly. They are now our ‘go to’ for business and legal support.

Sarah Ripper


Agreements created by high-quality solicitors. They are comprehensive so you don’t have to worry about it, or engage expensive lawyers which we have done in the past. I was amazed by the quality of the documents and they are very consistent as well. Companies our size wouldn’t normally have the chance to access services like these.

Matthew Smith

Pembroke Construction

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Our employment lawyers have real-world commercial experience and deeply understand the potential legal pitfalls. This gives us the ability to help you navigate both legal issues and legal opportunities to get the best possible outcomes.

  • Outstanding commercial experience
  • Real clarity on costs
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Employment and Industrial Relations Law FAQs

How long does an Enterprise Agreement last?

If your business is considering entering into an enterprise agreement, you should seek legal advice. Legal Kitz employment lawyers can assist with ensuring that your enterprise agreement is drafted so that you may avoid disputes from vague terminology or missing essential clauses for the operation of the enterprise agreement. 

What is victimisation in employment law?

Victimisation in the context of employment law occurs when the unlawful treatment of a person occurs within the workplace. Such acts of victimisation occur when the actions of an individual or group of people subject or threaten to subject another person to any detriment. The main feature of victimisation is when a person feels that they are being punished for speaking out or they are inhibited from raising their concerns due to the repercussions that follow in doing so. 

An example of when a person may be victimised is when:

  • A person who has complained to their manager or colleague about being targeted or discriminated against. 
  • A person has ‘blown the whistle’ on illegal activity by reporting the misconduct to the appropriate authoritative members, whether that be internally within a business or externally to the Police or Fair Work Commission. 
  • A person who has received threats of harm or punishment.
  • A person who is excluded from social events, and opportunities or have been demoted for no plausible reason based on work performance. 
  • A person who has been abused, belittled, insulted or criticised. The person may feel that they are unable to share their views and values without the fear of being punished or berated. 

The next step is to seek legal advice as each circumstance and policy is unique to each business. At Legal Kitz, we can help you understand more about victimisation laws and employment law matters.

How do equal employment opportunity laws protect job applicants?

In a business, it is crucial to understand how equal employment opportunity laws protect the interests of individuals and job applicants who are entering a new workplace. Both at a federal and state level, these laws are enacted to protect the interest of individuals and ensure that the actions of employers are not of a discriminatory nature towards current and future employees. 

The enactment of such laws ensures that during the job application process, employers are not discriminatory at any stage of the employment process, whether that be in the job advertisement, interview process or in the final determinations of an applicant’s application. This offers potential employees security and equal opportunity in their application to gain employment within any business. 

It is crucial as a business owner to ensure that you are following these laws. Implementing policies that announce your stance on the matter would likely reduce discrimination from occurring as employers and employees are clear on the expectations set by the business. 

At Legal Kitz, we understand that equal employment opportunity laws contain a lot of information that you must grasp and drafting a policy can be complex. If you are considering implementing an equal opportunity policy or require further guidance you should seek legal advice. Legal Kitz employment lawyers can assist with ensuring that your business is meeting your obligations as an employer to your current or future employees.  

What is unfair dismissal in employment law?

In the assessment of unfair dismissal, the Fair Work Commission will assess whether a dismissal is harsh, unjust, or unreasonable. The following reasons will be taken into consideration by the Fair Work Commission in their assessment of a claim:

  • Whether the employer had a valid reason for the termination of the employee;
  • Whether the employee was correctly notified of this reason;
  • Whether the employee was given the opportunity to respond to the claim; 
  • Whether the employer refused the employee any reasonable support or the presence of a support person during the process of discussing the termination;
  • Whether the employee was made aware of the concern raised by the employer as to the reasoning for the termination;
  • Whether the employer’s business will be likely impacted following the termination, raises other concerns for its operations;
  • Whether there was an impact on the procedure of the dismissal or if there was an absence of a human resource manager or expert in handling the matter; and
  • Any other consideration that the Commission considers to be relevant factors. 

At Legal Kitz, we can provide assistance if you are an individual seeking guidance on their dismissal or if you’re a business wanting to terminate an employee. Our Legal Kitz employment lawyers can assist with ensuring that your concerns are heard and provide you with advice that is tailored to your situation. 

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